What Our Patients Are Saying
Wanda Paddie Larue
"I was truly blessed to be able to go to the Northwestern Louisiana Cancer Center. The Doctors, Nurses, and Staff are all very caring and make you feel at ease and like family. They go above and beyond to help you in any way. Wish many blessings to them all, and thank the Lord that I was able to go for my treatments here in Natchitoches."
Andre' Jackson
"Wow! Amazing, caring, encouraging, and very knowledgeable. Always having a big smile on their faces when greeting you, making sure they're giving their all when you come for treatments or doctor appointments. I'm very thankful for everyone at NWLA Cancer Center. Plus it's right at home!!!!"
Cathy St Dizier Cobb
"Until I began this journey, I knew nothing about the NWLA Cancer Center or anyone that works there. Everyone working there has come to be very special to my family & me!! I have grown to love them ALL! Citizens of Natchitoches and the surrounding area are VERY blessed to have the center in Natchitoches rather than having to drive to Alexandria or Shreveport every day for treatment. It would have been so hard to have to get up early every day and drive to the "city" for treatments!!"
Bevery Dowden Donaho
"Words cannot express the gratitude and love we feel for the Cancer Center staff. My husband and I can't talk about the care received from Dr. Dhawan and his staff without tearing up. I will be making frequent visits for checkups. We pray that their services aren't needed by you, but if you do, you will receive the best care."
Donna Lovell Prine
"They are by far the best medical staff anyone could ever ask for. Very attentive and caring, never grumpy or in a bad mood. They really try to make the best of the bad situations that their patients are in."
Barbara Grady
"They are the best. You are a part of a loving and caring family."
Marilyn McCain Winn
"Words cannot express the gratitude and love we feel for this group of medical professionals. When myself and other patients can't talk about the care received from Dr. Dhawan and his staff without tearing up, that says volumes. I pray that you never need their services but if you do, you could not receive better care anywhere."
Eunive Trahan
"A great place and caring staff. A big plus for Natchitoches to have a facility like that. If you can use the services offered don't have a second thought."
Jessica Bruce
"I love this place. They treat you like family. They help you get better and keep you comfortable."
Joyce Slaughter Airhart
"This place and its Staff are amazing. They always laid out the Red Carpet for my precious Daddy, Raymond Slaughter! I will never forget them."
Trey Rhodes
"Very professional medical office. Always took great care of my grandmother."
Marilyn Frazier Mullikin
"When I started my journey on November 2, 2016, I was nervous not knowing what to expect. Dr. Dhawan and the whole chemotherapy team calmed my nerves! Cheryl and Kayla were great and made my treatments go smoother! Having this facility in Natchitoches is such a blessing especially now going thru radiation treatments each day through the week! Dr. Alex, Kayla D., Anna, and Angie are such a great radiation team! Hollie, with Quest Lab, has a gentle touch for a 'blood-sucker!"

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